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 What I like is that Diamond contacts each driver so they can meet their needs for their new car. This saves me a lot of company time and admin 
Bob Hudson - Kindercare

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For car contract hire and contract purchase contact Diamond Vehicle Finance, a UK vehicle leasing business. We can fulfil all your vehicle requirements: contract hire, UK contract purchase, new and nearly new UK car leasing, van hire, fleet leasing, car finance, fleet management or long term car rental. Diamond Vehicle Finance's UK vehicle lease and hire options include: contract hire, contract purchase, Cash Purchase,new and nearly new car and van leasing, fleet lease, company car hire and fleet management, company and private car finance, long term rental, private car leasing, hire purchase and much more.We offer the most competitive boat loan. Boat loans on both new and used boats and boat insurance if required. Competitive boat loan rates and marine mortgages. Details of our services can also be reach at : www.diamondvf.com www.diamondvf.co.uk www.marinemortgages.co.uk www.ukboatfinance.com www.ukboatfinance.co.uk www.uk-boat-finance.co.uk www.uk-boat-finance.com www.contracthireaudi.com www.uk-boat-loan.com www.uk-boat-loan.net www.uk-boat-loan.info www.uk-boat-loan.co.uk www.ukboatloan.com www.ukboatloan.info www.ukboatloan.co.uk www.ukboatloan.net www.contract-hire-audi.co.uk www.uk-car-purchase.com www.uk-car-purchase.co.uk www.uk-contract-hire.com www.uk-yacht-finance.com www.uk-yacht-finance.co.uk